Pair Facing Charges After Fighting Police At Barricade

Two men who crashed their van through a police checkpoint in Kampot province on Tuesday and returned to beat up the officers who had fined them $10 for the damage are due to be charged on Thursday, authorities said Wednesday.

Deputy provincial police chief Mao Chanmathurith said the two men drove a SsangYong van toward the checkpoint, which was set up on National Road 3 in Chhuk district to examine truckloads, at about 8 a.m. on Tuesday.

“They drove their van along National Road 3 and sped away when traffic police ordered them to stop for checking,” he said, adding that the van crashed through a barricade when it sped through the checkpoint.

Brigadier General Chanmathurith said two traffic police officers and a military police officer gave chase and quickly pulled over the van and its occupants.

“And then district traffic police officers fined them about $10 for damaging the checkpoint,” he said. “However, they drove the van back about two hours later and they brought about five other men with them to attack our police officers.”

The officers called for help from other traffic police stationed nearby who arrived in time to arrest the pair, who were being held at the provincial police station on Wednesday and are due for questioning at the provincial court Thursday, Brig. Gen. Chanmathurith said.

“The suspects confessed to fighting with the police because they were angry police stopped their van,” he said.

Chhuk district traffic police chief Keo Bon identified the two men as brothers Se To, 29, and Se Ya, 26.

According to Oem Chhun, another deputy provincial police chief, the two traffic police officers and a military police officer sustained minor injuries during the fight.

“The suspects grabbed and pulled on the shirt collar of the traffic policemen and punched them in the face,” he said.

Mr. Chhun added that police were continuing to search for the other suspects involved in the altercation, who fled from the scene in the van.

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