Online, Individual Memorials Planned for Anniversary of Kem Ley Murder

After previous memorial events were restricted by authorities, supporters of slain political analyst Kem Ley have appealed for greater freedom to celebrate the late commentator’s life ahead of the fourth anniversary of his murder this week.

Kem Ley was fatally shot in broad daylight at a Phnom Penh gas station shop on the morning of July 10, 2016. In late July, streets flooded with mourners following Kem Ley’s funeral procession from Phnom Penh to his home province of Takeo. But by the third anniversary of his death last year, police and military officials tried to restrict or ban memorial events across Phnom Penh, arresting a handful of activists.

For the fourth anniversary of Kem Ley’s death on Friday, supporters say they will mark the day individually or online in order to avoid restrictions by authorities.

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