Number of Covid-19 Cases May Be Higher Than Recorded, Pasteur Institute Says

A doctor at the Pasteur Institute’s Virology Unit said on June 4 that the number of Covid-19 cases in Cambodia could be over 125 patients due to difficulties in carrying out comprehensive testing, and called on the Ministry of Health to join in new research on the virus.

In a meeting with journalists, Dr. Duong Veasna, deputy head of the Virology Unit at Pasteur Institute, said the number of Covid-19 cases may be higher than the currently recorded 125 due to not all testedand the prevalence of asymptomatic carriers.

“We do not know how big the outbreak is because we can’t test everyone. We found 125 positive cases out of those who we tested. And what about the people who do not get tested?” Dr. Veasna said.

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