New Formula Complaint Filed

Opposition parties have filed a fresh complaint with the Consti­tutional Council over the controversial formula for allocating  parliamentary seats.

The joint complaint from Fun­cin­pec and the Sam Rainsy Party was filed Friday after individual complaints on the issue were re­jec­ted by the Council because the groups had missed the deadline.

Ou Bunlong, complaints coordinator for the Sam Rainsy Party, rejected the Council’s assertion that the complaint should have been fi­led 72 hours after the announ­ce­ment of provisional election results on Aug 5.

“This complaint is not about the results, it is about the formula,” he said. “The formula is not applied yet.”

The opposition complaint challenges the NEC to prove that the final formula chosen was legally adopted by a full vote by committee members.

Unless the committee can prove this, they say, the formula originally publicized by the NEC must stand.

Meanwhile, in a separate case pertaining to the election results, NEC officials are to appear today before a public hearing of the Constitutional Council to explain why the committee abandoned ballot recounts after counting only eight communes.

You Kan of the training and ci­vic education subcommittee and Tip Jahnvibol of the legal services and disputes subcommittee will represent the NEC at a hearing set for 8 am today.


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