National Police Seek Minister’s Advice on Newspaper

Deputy National Police Commissioner Kirth Chantharith met Information Minister Khieu Kanharith on Tuesday to seek his advice over the pending creation of the “National Police Newspaper,” a for-profit publication intended to provide the public with news about crime and security.

Photographs published online by state news agency AKP show Lieutenant General Chantharith taking notes while Mr. Kanharith, a former state journalist, peruses what appears to be a mock version of the new newspaper.

Ath Buny, a senior reporter at Bayon TV who will be the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, said that the meeting was not an indication the National Police Newspaper is ready to begin printing.

“We have not yet launched the newspaper because of a lack of human resources,” Mr. Buny explained, declining to estimate when the newspaper may be officially launched.

Mr. Kanharith confirmed Wednesday that the National Police Newspaper has been licensed for publication.

He said he hoped that the new publication would augment the newspaper market rather than compete with existing newspapers.

“It is not about competitiveness but information sharing,” Mr. Kanharith said in a Facebook message.

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