‘Mosquitoblitz’ Set for Launch

The Ministry of Health will launch a massive preventive campaign this week to prevent an outbreak of Dengue fever during the rainy season. The two-tier plan, called Mos­quitoblitz, will include distribution of larvaecide and lids for water collection jugs. The ministry will carry out its campaign in high-risk areas and in areas with a population density of 250 or more persons per square km.

“The program will cover the 15 provinces that are [considered] high-risk areas,” said Dr Ngan Chantha of the National Malaria Center, “We will also provide health education to eliminate water [collection] sites around the households.”

The government will also begin distribution of 30 tons of a larvaecide that, when put into drinking water containers, kills mosquito larvae. The ministry expects to distribute another 60 tons during the campaign.

About 45,000 lids will also be distributed. The lids are made of insecticide-coated mesh allowing rainwater to pass through. The nets cause no measurable contamination to the water and are effective for months.

“Dengue will come every year and government commitment every year is crucial,” World Health Organization official Dr Stefan Hoyer said. “However, the problem is getting worse everywhere in the world so we need a long-term commitment, not just year-to-year emergency measures.”



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