Moon Cakes Selling Like Hotcakess For Friday’s Festival

Vendors selling moon cakes to celebrate the traditional Chinese moon festival this Friday say the tasty treats are selling better this year than in the past.

Moon cakes are made to look like a full moon, with a sweet middle. The cakes are made of flour, varying ingredients and usually show a picture of a goddess on each side.

At midnight Friday, participants in the moon festival will pray to the moon.

“We obey the moon as a god and ask it for best wishes, luck and good life,” said Sok Keang, who has been selling moon cakes for five years as a vendor in the Psar Chas market in Phnom Penh.

She said business has been better this year than in past years.

Sok Chea, another vendor, agrees. She expects to make

1 million riel (about $260) from moon cakes. Moon cakes cost from 7,000 to 10,000 riel, de­pending on the size.

She said her best sales are expected today.

Chan Bun Thon, owner of

Ap­sara moon cake shop in Phnom Penh, said his business has produced 60 percent more moon cakes than last year.

Last year he made about 1 ton worth of moon cakes, but that number has more than doubled this year.

“I’m very happy,” Chan Bun Thon said. “They’ve been a very good sell.”

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