Man Murdered in Tuol Kok Drive-By Shooting

The son of a local businessman was murdered by two gunmen Monday evening as he was driving through Phnom Penh’s Tuol Kok district, police said Tuesday.

Chhie Chanhong, 46—the son of the owner of Hang Neak Restaurant and a businessman himself—was traveling home from a barber shop in Central Market with a Singa­porean associate, 58-year-old Chang Fivong, when he was shot dead by two men on a motorbike.

“This case was a premeditated killing due to revenge,” a Tuol Kok district police report obtained Tuesday said, without elaborating on the suspected motive.

The assailants, riding on a C125 Honda motorbike, carried out the shooting while Chhie Chanhong’s car was stopped at a traffic light on Street 566 in Boeng Kak II commune at about 6:30 p.m.

The gunmen shot twice through the door of Chhie Chanhong’s  Toyota Lexus, striking him through his right shoulder and below his armpit.

The two gunmen then fled the scene, according to the police report. Chhie Chanhong died on his way to Calmette Hospital.

The victim’s wife, Ing Kekleng, 43, told police that this was not the first time her husband had been fired on. According to Ms. Kekleng, her husband and other members of their family were also shot at in November 2013 as they were traveling by car. Police said they are trying to track down the culprits.

“Our Tuol Kok district police have been investigating since the shooting happened,” Tuol Kok district police chief Huot Chanyaran said.

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