Man Kills Neighbor With Crossbow

A man was arrested Tuesday in Preah Vihear province for killing his neighbor with a homemade crossbow, police said Thursday.

Then Theang, 53, had drunkenly accused the victim’s wife of being a thief after observing her retrieve a water bucket from his land, said Kulen district deputy police chief Yeang Sam Phuot.

Informed of the accusation, the victim, 44-year-old Heng San, then confronted Mr. Theang, with whom he had a history of poor relations, according to Mr. Sam Phuot.

He said that Mr. Theang armed himself with the bow and warned Heng San to leave, before shooting a meter-long arrow into his forehead.

Heng San died on the way to the hospital at about 2 p.m., Mr. Sam Phuot said, adding that Mr. Theang was arrested at about 6 p.m. The deputy police chief said Mr. Theang had defended his use of the bow, claiming that he was only defending himself after a spate of robberies.

Deputy provincial court prosecutor Sreng Vuthea said that Mr. Theang faces seven to 15 years in jail if found guilty on charges of intentional violence leading to death.

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