Lessons of the Cambodian-UN War Crimes Trials

Finally, finally, the over-long, fifteen-year-long trials of the leaders of the murderous Khmer Rouge leadership of Cambodia are concluded. It has been water on stone, but the conclusion is the stone has cracked.

The New York Times reported on September 22: “The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia—a United Nations-backed tribunal charged with prosecuting the crimes of the Khmer Rouge regime—held its final hearing. It rejected an appeal by the ninety-one years old Khieu Samphan, the fanatical communist movement’s last surviving leader, upholding his conviction and life sentence for genocide.”

Along with Nuon Chea, he had been convicted five years ago. The appeal has taken an unbelievable time. Their original trial took the best part of ten years.

In full: https://www.indepthnews.net/index.php/opinion/5640-lessons-of-the-cambodian-un-war-crimes-trials

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