Jolie’s Cows More Popular Than Her Movies

O’SNUOT VILLAGE, Samlot district, Battambang province – Actress Angelina Jolie may be known to moviegoers the world over as the hot-pants-wearing, gun-toting heroine of the action movie “Tomb Raider,” but here in Ta Sanh commune she is better known for her cows.

And everyone seems to know “Anjolina,” as she is called here.

But the Hollywood star’s fame in this former battlefield on the Thai border stems from helping handicapped soldiers—not from her silver screen performances.

“Two years ago I got one cow, then it got pregnant and now it is pregnant again. So now I have three cows,” said Nhem Phat, 55, squatting below a sign nailed to the front of her wooden house with the words “Donated By Angenlina.” Her house, one of seven in this village, and the cows were a gift from the actress, said Nhem Phat, explaining that her husband has been handicapped since his left arm was torn off by a mine explosion when he fought with the Khmer Rouge.

“Anjolina is a gentle woman who pays attention and understands about the feelings of poor people,” she said.

But the actress—whose tattooed arms and back are legendary among the women here —has not been seen in these parts for months.

Rumor is that Jolie will return this month, said Nhem Phat and neighbor Nhem Noeun, 42. And she has promised to bring copies of her movies to show the people, the women added.

“All the people know her. And if they don’t know her they have heard of her,” said Neth Un, administration staff at the Samlot District office.

“I haven’t seen her films either, but I saw commercials for her new film on Thai television,” Neth Un said.

In January, plans were announ­ced for the distribution of 300 more cows to families in Samlot and Pailin municipality.

Funded by Jolie and distributed by the Cambodian Vision in Development NGO, the livestock are intended to reduce the necessity for local villagers to exploit resources in a 60,000-hectare forest designated for conservation.

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