Jailed journalists at risk of ‘death sentence’ amid Covid-19

Asian governments including Cambodia have been called upon by a group of 74 human rights and media organizations “to release every jailed journalist” amid the growing fears of Covid-19 infections spreading in overcrowded prisons.

Led by the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), the organizations including Cambodian Journalists Alliance (CamboJA) and the Cambodian Center for Independent Media, issued a statement on Monday calling for “the immediate release of all journalists imprisoned for their work.”

“Given that a staggering number of these imprisoned journalists are held in jails across the Asian continent, we are reiterating that call to your respective countries at this time of grave public health concern,” the groups said.

In full: https://cambojanews.com/jailed-journalists-at-risk-of-death-sentence-amid-covid-19/

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