Injured to File Complaints Over Crackdown

A monk, an opposition lawmaker-elect and a journalist, all assaulted by Daun Penh district security guards near Freedom Park on Friday, said they are in the process of filing legal complaints against the district forces as they recover from their injuries.

“I am planning on filing a complaint, but right now I am focusing on my health,” said Nhay Chamroeun, a CNRP lawmaker-elect in Kompong Cham province who was among the five confirmed injured, suffering a fractured skull and injured left leg after being beaten with batons and metal bars.

“I can hardly walk and cannot sit on the left side and still a little bit dizzy,” Mr. Chamroeun said.

Human rights activist Luon Sovath, a Buddhist monk, described Sunday how helmeted Daun Penh security guards pelted him with rocks, punched him and smashed his mobile phone on orders from their superiors during the first day of campaigning for the district, city and provincial elections.

“At first I took photos of [the security guards] when they were guarding and blocking the road at Freedom Park and they were quiet,” he said.

“Then I heard orders from the top telling them though the tele-communication and then all of them ran to me,” he said. “They then tried to attack my head and my body but I used my hand to protect my head and I was injured on my hand. Then they used rock[s], throwing at my body. The rocks hit me on the head.”

Lay Samean, a reporter for Voice of Democracy who tried to document the beating of Luon Sovath, was recovering at home after being beaten until he sustained a broken cheekbone and lost consciousness on Friday, according to VOD director of media Nop Vy.

Mr. Vy said that VOD was in the process of preparing a legal complaint over the attack.

“Right now, we are in the process of collecting evidence and also having consultations with our lawyers,” Mr. Vy said.

Luon Sovath said he hopes those injured on Friday can file a joint complaint against the increasingly violent district security guards.

“I’m thinking that if I just complain on my own it’s not so strong,” said Luon Sovath. “If the journalists, the other people that are injured like the CNRP lawmaker show solidarity together and file one case it will be stronger.”

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