‘I couldn’t escape’: the people trafficked into call centres and forced to scam Australians

Thousands are trapped into slavery across Asia – but, with the conviction of three traffickers in Indonesia, the tide may be turning.

Before the pandemic hit, Rahim worked as a boat operator transporting essential items between the islands of Indonesia. The casual job was enough to keep his wife and two children financially stable – until the borders closed, the tourists packed up and the work ran dry.

As the months dragged on, Rahim – who is using a pseudonym for privacy reasons – became desperate for a job. So when an acquaintance on his island offered him work in Cambodia, he took it.

But the job wasn’t what he expected. He found himself held captive in a call centre, forced to scam foreigners, including Australians, out of thousands of dollars.

In full: https://www.theguardian.com/law/2023/apr/02/i-couldnt-escape-the-people-trafficked-into-call-centres-and-forced-to-scam-australians

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