‘Happy Environment’ for King’s Coronation Day

Traditional songs were perform­ed in the garden in front of the Na­tion­­al Museum and fireworks lit up the sky on Saturday evening to mark the first anniversary of King Nor­odom Sihamoni’s Coronation Day.

Celebrations are also scheduled to continue today for retired King Nor­o­dom Sihanouk’s 83rd birthday, though fireworks will not be in­volved, government officials said.

Although King Sihamoni and the re­tired King are not in the country, cel­ebrations are being held as usual, said Chea Kean, deputy secretary gen­eral at the Permanent Or­ga­ni­zing Commission for Na­tion­al and In­­­­ternational Cere­mo­nies, on Sun­day.

All ministries and government de­partments were instructed to place signs in front of buildings and on the streets blessing both the King and the retired King during the holidays, Chea Kean added.

Last year’s coronation celebration was re-broadcast on TVK from Fri­day to Sunday, said TVK Di­rector Kem Gunawath.

The channel also aired blessing songs and past footage of King Si­ha­mo­ni, including his provincial visits du­ring the year, Kem Gunawath said.

Today, TVK will broadcast blessing messages and arts performan­ces for the retired King’s birthday.

Kem Gunawath also said that the airing of anti-Sihanouk songs from the 1960s and the readings of documents about the recent border supplement with Vietnam have ceased.

“We don’t play it, and after this, we won’t play it,” he said. “It is a hap­py environment.”

Funcinpec marked both events on Saturday at the party’s headquarters in Phnom Penh with a celebration attended by 300 party officials, said Funcinpec Deputy Se­cretary-General Chhim Seak Leng.

“The Funcinpec party is always thankful to the retired King,” Chhim Seak Leng said.


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