Governor Warns Litterbugs They’ll Be Fined

Phnom Penh Governor Kep Chuk­­­­­tema warned Tuesday that fines await people who improperly dispose of waste into or near street gutters, drainage catch basins and lakes, as an interministerial order prohibiting such behavior has been ineffective.

“We have noticed that many residents have ignored the interministerial order, although many educational signs have been installed near various drainage systems and lakes, so they must be fined from now on,” he said.

Offenders will be fined $25 each, he added.

Trash that is improperly disposed of could clog the drainage system and flood the capital if there was heavy rain, he added.

Kep Chuktema said the municipality would only fine people who have committed egregious offenses.

“Village…and district officials know the identity of persons who have improperly disposed of waste, so we will fine only the bad persons who have committed offenses,” he said.

On Monday, the municipality distributed 20 dumpsters to city pagodas, and education spots will also be broadcast on radio and TV to educate residents about keeping Phnom Penh clean.

Neang Pisoth, 35, a resident of Phsar Depot III commune in Tuol Kok district, complained that people in her area dump their garbage in the middle of the street for trash collection company Cintri to dispose of it.

She added that the municipality should also issue an order to fine luxury vehicle drivers who throw trash from their cars into the streets.


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