General Allegedly Shoots Employee in Pay Dispute

A major general with the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces bodyguard unit who operates his own private transport company allegedly pulled a gun on one of his employees on Monday and shot him in the leg for requesting a pay raise, military police officials said.

The incident happened after 26-year-old Sorn Ratan, who drives a truck for MSP—a haulage firm based in Pur Senchey district’s Kantork commune—asked his boss for an increase to his salary, said district military police chief Chim Rithy.

“When his boss refused, the employee resigned, which made Major General Mom Samphors angry and caused him to open fire on the victim, striking him once in his right thigh,” he said, adding that the victim filed a complaint with military police authorities.

Municipal military police chief Rath Srieng said the investigation was ongoing but the whereabouts of the suspect was unknown.

“We are working on the case but Major General Samphors is still at large,” he said.

District police chief Yoeun Sarann said due to the seriousness of the attack, his department would follow the case closely despite the fact that the victim had not filed a complaint.

“It is a very serious offense to use a gun to shoot his employee,” he said. “We will focus on this case too and see how it progresses.”

The victim’s uncle, Prak Mony, said his nephew was still undergoing medical treatment Wednesday at Calmette Hospital.

“I met my nephew this morning and his condition has not improved. He was seriously wounded in his leg and it still hurts a lot,” he said.

“We don’t know yet how much his boss will pay him in compensation for his injury.”

Deputy municipal military police chief Then Sovan, who is in charge of the investigation, said he was in a meeting Wednesday.

Maj. Gen. Samphors could not be reached.

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