Garment Factory’s Concessions End Strike

About 1,000 workers at a Takeo province garment factory who have been on strike since Monday are due to return to work today after negotiations between union representatives and the factory wrapped up successfully Tuesday.

As workers rallied outside the gates of the Chinese-owned CS Gold Way Textile (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. on Tuesday morning, factory management agreed to all of their 29 demands with the exception of a $15 monthly transport allowance and $20 attendance bonus, which they set at $9 and $10 respectively.

The factory also agreed to scrap compulsory overtime and to pay pregnant women 50 percent of their usual salary during their last trimester, when they do not work, instead of the full amount sought by workers.

“After the negotiations, we reached an agreement that all of the workers will go back to work tomorrow…because they achieved better working conditions and received some bonus payments,” said Ken Chhengleng, the deputy president of the National Independent Federation of Textile Unions in Cambodia, which represented the workers.

Factory administrative director Chhay Cheng Hav confirmed an agreement was reached, but declined to give further details.

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