First Mr Cambodia Wins By a Pose

The very first Mr Cambodia was chosen Sunday afternoon in front of an excited packed house at Chaktomuk Theater.

Hy Dynarin, a 24-year-old light heavyweight in a navy blue speedo who came in second in his class, won a huge trophy, a gold medal and a case of ABC Stout beer for being voted best-built out of 51 well-muscled Cam­bo­dians who were shaved from armpit to ankle and glowing from an abundance of baby oil.

Judges, several of them experienced body-build­ers, said that although there were several good shows, most contestants had a long way to go before they would be ready for international competition.

“Some are very good, but they haven’t dieted,” said Kevin Chong, a Malaysian former body builder and judge. “A show is 20 percent training, 80 percent diet. You have to have a diet high in protein and low in fat three months beforehand to bring out the veins…. The heavyweights especially need to lose their bellies.”

Dom Saron, a 21-year-old junior lightweight, placed second overall and first in his class. “I’m very happy,” he said after winning his first medal. “Next year, I hope to be big like a Hollywood film star.”

Khoue Sao, a 24-year-old light heavyweight, came in third overall and first in his weight class. Mean Sothy, a 26-year-old middleweight and an organizer of the event, won the trophy for best poser.

The event, organized by the Cam­bodian Body Build­ing Fed­era­tion, was hosted by federation board member Kong Phalla and television star Koy whose jokes kept the audience laughing and made several contestants completely lose their poses and dissolve into giggles.

“Don’t beat me up or the judges if you lose,” he said as Mao Savuth, senior heavyweight, started laughing. He placed second in his class despite punching Koy playfully in the arm as he walked off the stage.

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