Deminer Dies After Mine Explosion in Pailin Province

A deminer was killed instantly when an anti-personnel mine exploded on Tuesday while he was clearing a field in Pailin province’s Sala Krao district, officials said.

Pen Sisivannak, 47, who had worked for the Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC) for 16 years, accidentally triggered the mine at about 8:30 a.m. while working in a field in Stung Kach commune, said district police chief Nhek Thol.

“Last week our farmers were farming and found a mine, but our local police called CMAC to remove it,” said Mr. Thol.

Alistair Moir, country director of the U.K.-based Mines Advisory Group (MAG), said that Pen Sisivannak was part of a mine detection dog team subcontracted to his group by CMAC.

“With the support of CMAA [Cambodian Mine Action Authority], MAG and CMAC teams arrived on the scene within an hour of the explosion to investigate and the investigation is ongoing,” he said.

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