Court Charges Builders for Singaporean’s Murder

The Kompong Speu Provincial Court has charged four construction workers who confessed to murdering a Singaporean school director last week with theft with aggravating circumstances, an official said.

Wendy Lim, 55, was discovered brutally killed Tuesday morning last week in her room in a partly built Christian NGO-run school in Chbar Mon City.

Police have said four construction workers, who they say were drug addicts, colluded to steal cash and mobile devices from the victim, and murdered her in the process.

Deputy prosecutor Muth Dara said Keo Savuth, 32; Yean Lalie, 27; Ou Lymihong, 20, and Tong Sophal, 26, were all charged Friday.

The four builders were taken in for questioning Tuesday evening, and later confessed after police found stolen items buried on the school site where they had been working.

“We sent them to the provincial prison [Saturday] after the prosecutor and the investigating judge charged them with Article 360 of the criminal code,” Mr. Dara said.

Article 360—theft with aggravating circumstances—is punishable with 15 to 30 years imprisonment.

Police believe it was Mr. Sophal who led the group and physically attacked Wendy Lim when she woke up during the robbery.

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