City’s First Sex Shop Doesn’t Last

Sometimes, authorities believe, size really does matter. That, at least, was the explanation of Phnom Penh authorities who Tuesday raided Cambodia’s first and only sex shop, confiscating four boxes of sex toys and shutting the store down.

Authorities charged Chinese businessman Yuan Genyiang, 39, with debauchery under the sex trafficking laws. Among the boxes was a veritable cornucopia of cupidity, including dozens of rubber penises and vaginas, condoms, batteries and Chinese herbal aphrodisiacs, Prampi Makara District Police Chief Yim Symany said.

“These things are dangerous to Cambodian women’s health and Cambo­dian culture. There is also medicine to keep sex going longer. If people use this medicine, it could be dangerous for them,” Reuters quoted the chief as saying.

Yuan got a permit for the Sihanouk Boulevard shop because he told authorities he would sell motorcycle parts, Yim Sy­many added. Monday evening, authorities discovered the businessman was selling the naughty contraband and planned the raid, the chief said. Yuan is scheduled to appear in Muni­cipal Court today to answer the charges, Yim Symany said. If convicted on the debauchery charge, Yuan could face as many as 15 years in prison.

The raid struck a blow for Cambodia’s decency and public safety, Yim Symany said. “This is very dangerous, especially if the clients used those horse-sized rubber penises on young people,” he said.


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