City Hall Complains Online About Damaged Bus Stop

Phnom Penh City Hall on Wednesday complained on Facebook about people cutting and stealing metal armrests from a bus stop in Tuol Kok district.

The municipality posted images of the looted bench, showing its base intact but eight of nine armrests broken off.

“On the night of January 6, 2015, an unidentified person cut and stole the iron from the bench at the bus stop of the second bus line near the Institute of Technology of Cambodia,” reads the post, which also solicits comment.

“What do you think about this activity?” it asks.

Ty Monida, the executive director of Live Color Production, which is contracted to build the bus stops, said Wednesday the incident actually occurred Saturday.

“The vagrants, the homeless people, cut the bench because they want to sleep on the bench,” Mr. Monida said, explaining that he believed the looping iron arm rests were breached without tools.

“They might have jumped up and down on them,” he said. “We will put more iron bars on the benches to prevent them from sleeping on it.”

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