China Donates Ambulances to All 25 Provinces

The Chinese government on Friday donated 200 ambulances to Cambodia that will be distributed to health departments across the country, an official said Sunday.

Phnom Penh health department director Sok Sokun said Phnom Penh and each of the country’s 24 provinces would receive several of the new ambulances, depending on their need for the vehicles.

“The government wants to enhance the health sector in the provinces, especially in rural areas, because sometimes the ambulances are late when the accident occurs far from the towns,” Mr. Sokun said.

“We wanted to expand the transportation services for victims injured in traffic accidents, because these kind of accidents are increasing,” he added.

Mr. Sokun said the Yu Tong-brand ambulances, which are currently stored at the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port, would be distributed this week.

The ambulance donation was announced at a ceremony at the Ministry of Health in Phnom Penh on Friday presided over by Health Minister Mam Bunheng and Bu Jianguo, China’s ambassador to Cambodia, he said.

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