Celebrity Missing, Rumors Swirl About Why

Municipal Police said Friday that they are trying to contact well-known TV3 presenter Suon Peakdey, 27, who also goes by the name VJ Ano, and who disappeared three weeks ago amid rumors that she was the victim of a vicious razor blade attack.

Chuon Narin, chief of the Phnom Penh municipal police department’s serious crimes unit, said that he was aware of reports in Khmer-language newspapers and magazines that the starlet was attacked.

Several publications have reported that Suon Peakdey was forced into a car, had her hair shaved and was cut more than 80 times on her face and body in an attack perpetrated by the jealous wife of a high-level government official.

“First, no complaint has been made to us,” Chuon Narin said.

“Second, our police cannot find the confidential sources who supposedly can confirm this attack yet either. However, our police are still investigating and trying to find her,” he said.

Meas Molina, a coworker who hosts TV3’s Life of Beauty program, said Suon Peakdey hasn’t been seen or heard from in three weeks. “I’m not sure if [the rumor] is true or not because she has been missing for more than three weeks and nobody can officially confirm,” Meas Molina said.

Attempts to contact Suon Peak­dey and her relatives were unsuccessful on Friday.

A well-known entertainer and colleague of Suon Peakdey, who spoke on condition of anonymity on Friday, said that the TV host had been the victim of numerous threats in recent months.

One threat allegedly included a gift envelope that bore the image of a skull, the entertainer said.


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