Cambodia: Youth targeted in ‘shocking’ wave of arrests

The Cambodian authorities must end their relentless assault on young human rights defenders and others peacefully expressing their political opinions, said Amnesty International today after a recent spate of arrests.

“These arrests are a shocking, all-out assault on Cambodia’s youth. Instead of encouraging the new generation of young Cambodians to fully participate in shaping the country’s future, Hun Sen’s government is determined to stamp out dissent in all walks of Cambodian life, from the clergy to the arts”, said Ming Yu Hah, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director of Campaigns.

Ten young people including a Buddhist monk and a musician have been arbitrarily detained and charged with ‘incitement’ between 13 August and 7 September.

All ten detainees are considered prisoners of conscience by Amnesty International, meaning they have been detained solely for the peaceful exercise of their protected human rights. Amnesty International calls for the immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience wrongfully detained in Cambodia and throughout the world.

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