Cambodia records spike in drug arrests and seizures in first nine months of 2022

Cambodia has seen a spike in both drug arrests and seizures during the first nine months of 2022, said a report released by the Anti-Drug Police Department (ADP) on Saturday.

The authorities had detained 11,431 drug-related suspects during the January-September period this year, up 16 percent from 9,828 over the same period last year, the report said, adding that some 6.25 tons of narcotics had been seized, up almost 5 times from 1.05 tons last year.

According to the report, some 4.77 tons of unfinished ketamine, 476 tons of chemical substances, 23 pistols, 49 rifles, 119 cars, 1,183 motorbikes, 4,381 telephones, and 329 scales had also been confiscated from the suspects.

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