Bodyguard Accused of Shooting Flying Tiger

A bodyguard for the Minister of Transportation and Public Works shot a Flying Tiger police officer in the leg Saturday night, according to Phnom Penh penal Police Chief Reach Sokhon.

The officer, Sok Chan Kosal, 31, was drunk and shot his pistol into the air outside of Minister Khy Taing Lim’s house in Wat Phnom commune at about 8 pm, Reach Sokhon said.

As Sok Chan Kosal advanced on the minister’s home an un­named bodyguard, standing sentry, ordered him to stay back. When Sok Chan Kosal continued toward the house, the bodyguard shot him in his right leg, the penal police chief said.

But Ly Lay, police chief for Russei Keo district, gave another account Sunday about the Flying Tiger, who is under his command.

He said his officer was “shot on the public street. It was not the minister’s house, but now my colleague is still unconscious at Preah Ket Meala Hospital, for no reason. My Flying Tiger had gone to eat in that area,” he said.

Reach Sokhon said no one has been arrested for the shooting  because his department has only heard the account from Khy Taing Lim’s bodyguard thus far.

The cellular telephones of Khy Taing Lim and several of his Cabinet members were turned off  Sun­day.


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