Backup M’kiri Bridge Ready After Monday Collapse

Authorities in Mondolkiri province on Wednesday finished installing an emergency bridge over the O’Phly river near the site of the existing bridge, which was damaged by an overloaded truck on Monday night.

The bridge had broken in two, with the offending Hyundai truck spilling its load of bricks and cement into the river and cutting off access to large areas of eastern Pech Chreada district—home to the popular Bosra waterfall.

“The backup bridge is accessible as normal now and vehicles can travel smoothly,” said Nguon Saran, Pech Chreada district governor, adding that the outstanding issue of payment for the broken bridge is still to be settled.

Mau Thonnearak, director of the provincial public works and transportation department, said that his staff estimates the cost of repairing the bridge to be “between $40,000 and $50,000.”

Provincial Deputy Police Chief Yem Chenda said that Thai Phat, the truck owner, will be sent to court if he is unable to pay.

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