Assembly Passes 2013 Budget Spending

The National Assembly on Tuesday passed the last two chapters approving the government’s expenditures and revenues from 2013, with 67 lawmakers from the ruling CPP forcing its passage against 34 CNRP lawmakers.

The Assembly passed the first chapter of the law approving the budget on Monday and reconvened in the morning with opposition leader Sam Rainsy slamming the 2013 figures.

“The budget was prepared without transparency, with corruption, without serving the people’s interests, wastes a lot of money and borrows a lot of money from foreigners, putting a burden on future generations to be responsible for the debt,” Mr. Rainsy told the Assembly’s floor.

However, before the law was passed, Finance Minister Aun Porn Moniroth defended the spending and expenditures from 2013, appearing to respond to CNRP lawmaker Son Chhay’s impassioned criticisms on Monday that reported revenues were inordinately low.

“Since 2009, the revenues of the customs body has increased remarkably due to our efforts, with the guidance and tracking of Prime Minister Hun Sen,” Mr. Porn Moniroth said.

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