An Epic Tail of Mice and Men

With an infestation of mice threatening rice harvests in Kom­pong Cham province, Agriculture Min­ister Chan Sarun said Wednes­­­­­­day he is offering a bounty for the pesky rodents. The minister said he will pay 100 riel for the tail of each mouse that villagers turn in.

“We want the farmers to trap mice rather than using poison to kill them,” Chan Sarun said, ad­ding that trapped mice can be sold for food. Kong Chhoeun, director of Kompong Cham prov­incial agricultural department, said the infestation is particularly bad in O’Reang-ou district, where there has been an unusually early retreat of flood waters. He ad­vised farmers to surround their rice fields with plastic sheets to pre­vent the pests from eating their rice paddies. The provincial agriculture office has about 40 mouse traps, which it will allow farmers to use when rice paddies ripen this month, he said.

(Van Roeun)


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