A judge’s order comes too late for one Cambodian man

The temporary restraining order makes immigration officials give Cambodian nationals fourteen days notice.

Fleeing war – that’s how Sivath Yaing’s sister, Joanna, says they came to the United States from Cambodia with their parents. A total of nine. The family found their home in Georgia 35 years ago.

Yaing was deported last December after getting a notice from Immigration and Customs Enforcement in September. “But in Sivath’s case,” attorney Van Huynh says,”it was particular that he received a notice to check in within a week.”

In full: https://www.11alive.com/article/news/a-judges-order-comes-too-late-for-one-cambodian-man/85-7881ac07-9452-4e19-b11f-5aa56b7beb65

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