The Human Cost of Cryptomania

In Zeke Faux’s new book, a spam text leads to a Cambodia slave labor complex.

The mysterious WhatsApp message arrived one night in August 2022, while I was out at a bar with a friend: “Hi David, I’m Vicky Ho don’t you remember me?”

This was strange. My name isn’t David, and I didn’t know anyone named Vicky. But I’d been getting a lot of seemingly misdirected messages on my phone. Usually I ignored them. This time, for some reason, maybe because I’d had a spicy watermelon margarita, I didn’t.

After I texted that she had the wrong number, Vicky apologized. Then she awkwardly tried to continue the conversation. “Instead of apologizing for the wrong number can we be friends? lol,” she wrote.

In full:

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