Close-Quarter Commutes, Covid-19 Risks Leave Garment Workers Worried

For the past seven years, Moeung Lida, a 32-year-old assembly line supervisor, has climbed into the bed of a truck with 30 to 40 other workers to travel to and from the Quantum Clothing factory in Phnom Penh’s Choam Chao commune.

Lida said the commute takes fewer than 30 minutes, but with Covid-19 infections sweeping the region, she decided to stay at a friend’s house so she can walk 10 minutes to work and avoid risking infection while riding in the crowded truck.

“I am still worried mostly because I am a person with existing throat and nose problems,” she told VOD last month. Another passenger could have the virus and she would have no way of knowing, Lida added.

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