Why sustainable tourism should mean more than ditching single-use plastic bottles

For savvy travellers, Song Saa Private Island is a by-word for sustainable eco-tourism. Co-founder Melita Hunter shares how the luxury travel industry can step up and lead the way for a more globally eco-conscious way to travel.

Rory and Melita Hunter describe themselves as accident hoteliers. Indeed, nothing in their CVs prepared them for setting up their resort, Song Saa Private Island, in 2010 (the resort opened in 2012). Their outsider status, however, has allowed them to see things differently from traditional hoteliers, and encouraged them to try new ideas, especially those centred on sustainability and eco-tourism.

One such initiative was the Song Saa Foundation, a non-profit established in 2013 to protect the habitats of the resort’s surrounding Koh Rong Archipelago and improve the welfare of its communities.

In full: https://cnaluxury.channelnewsasia.com/people/sustainable-tourism-song-saa-private-island-12517530

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