Rarely-seen giant freshwater stingray rescued in Mekong River (video)

A rarely-seen freshwater stingray weighing 181kg (400 pounds) was hooked by fishermen in the Mekong River on May 5, 2022. The 4-metre (13ft) stingray, one of Southeast Asia’s largest and rarest sea creatures, was living 75 metres (246ft) below the surface. A team of researchers rescued the stingray and released it safely into the river. This part of the Mekong River faces “devastating ecological effects”, with reports of a plan to build several hydropower dams in Cambodia’s portion of the river. Other concerns include illegal overfishing and plastic waste. 

Watch: https://www.scmp.com/video/asia/3177717/rarely-seen-giant-freshwater-stingray-rescued-mekong-river

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