Fugitive British model who taunted police with pictures of his playboy lifestyle after he fled the UK when he was convicted of dealing steroids is arrested 6,000 miles away in Cambodia

Terrence Murrell, 31, fled the UK to avoid sentencing for dealing illegal steroids. He taunted police by regularly posting lavish selfies on social media accounts.

A male model on the run from justice has finally been arrested 6,000 miles away in Cambodia, after mocking police with pictures of his playboy lifestyle.

Fugitive Terrence Murrell, 31, fled Britain to Bali before he was due to be sentenced for dealing illegal steroids.

But instead of keeping a low profile, Murrell taunted police with constant updates on social media.

In full: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8195353/Male-model-run-arrested-Cambodia-taunting-police-playboy-lifestyle-selfies.html

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