New Minimum Wage Talks Set to Begin Next Month

Last year, in a bid to curry favor with the more than 700,000 garment workers in the country ahead of the election, Hun Sen oversaw the raising of the minimum wage to $170 per month and provided additional benefits such as free transportation and medical care.

Phnom Penh – The Cambodian government has announced it would hold a new round of minimum wage talks for garment workers starting in September.

The government has organized annual minimum wage negotiations between factory owners, industry representatives and unions since violent garment worker strikes led to the killing of at least five people by the security forces in early 2014.

“All relevant parties must use social assessment (family condition, inflation, and daily expenses) and economic assessment (productivity, competitiveness of the country, employment situation and the level of income of the industry) as well as poverty line to be the basis for discussing minimum in Cambodia,” read a statement from the government.

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