Cambodia: The stock exchange takes baby steps

Even on a busy day, you can hear a pin drop at the Cambodia Securities Exchange, but with a handful of new share listings and more bond issues expected in 2020, investors can hope for a slightly livelier scene.

On the home page of the Cambodian securities regulator’s website, the wise words of legendary investor Warren Buffett scroll past endlessly on a ticker: ‘Invest only in companies you understand’, it says. And ‘Do not put all of your eggs in one basket’.

In Cambodia, where there are only five companies and three bonds listed on the country’s stock exchange, such mantras hint at a desired future.

But the Cambodia Securities Exchange and the authorities that regulate it are doing what they can to change that. The country’s largest bank announced in December that it had got the green light to list, while prospectuses for two new corporate bonds are on the desk of the regulator.

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