Australian mining company’s assets worth $9.3 million confiscated under alleged foreign bribery investigation

Funds confiscated under the Proceeds of Crime Act are deposited into the Confiscated Assets Account, which is managed by the Australian Financial Security Authority on behalf of the Commonwealth.

Oz Minerals Ltd self-reported to the AFP that employees of Oxiana (Cambodia) Limited, a foreign subsidiary of Oxiana Limited that later became a part of the Oz Minerals group, may have bribed foreign officials to obtain mining rights in Cambodia between November 2006 and October 2009.

The company cooperated with the AFP criminal investigation, which was finalised in September 2021. A decision was made by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP), in accordance with the Prosecution Policy of the Commonwealth (Prosecution Policy), not to initiate criminal proceedings in this matter.

In making its decision, the CDPP had regard to all relevant public interest factors contained in the Prosecution Policy many of which are referenced in the AFP and CDPP’s Best Practice Guideline on Self-Reporting of Foreign Bribery and Related Offending by Corporations.

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