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Activist Monk Luon Sovath Avoids Defrocking for Alleged Impropriety

Cambodia’s chief monk has ordered Buddhist leaders nationwide to find and defrock prominent activist Venerable Luon Sovath, who was ordered to give up his monk’s robes for allegedly having sexual relations with women, a claim he denies.

Foreign Visitors to Be Charged for Covid-19 Testing, Quarantine Fees

Foreign travelers may be required to pay more than $1,000 for Covid-19 testing, treatment and quarantine fees upon arriving in Cambodia, a departure from Prime Minister Hun Sen’s earlier vow to treat foreigners infected with the virus for free in state health facilities.

Hun Manet Appointed to Lead Ruling Party’s Youth Movement

Prime Minister Hun Sen’s eldest son General Hun Manet has been appointed to lead the ruling CPP’s purported 1.8 million-strong youth movement, a promotion that one analyst called a “preparation” for Manet to one day lead the nation.

Former CNRP Party Officer Jailed After Bail Release Last Year

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court has jailed a former local officer of the outlawed opposition CNRP for allegedly violating the terms of his bail seven months after he was released from prison alongside dozens of other CNRP members, his lawyer said on Monday.

Exiled Thai Activist Abducted in Phnom Penh, Rights Group Says

A Thai pro-democracy activist living in exile in Phnom Penh was abducted by a group of armed men on Thursday evening while just outside his apartment, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a statement.

By Bikes, Feet and Taxis, Activists Call for Marine Protected Area

Activists traveling from Koh Kong — first by bicycle, then by foot — aim to complete their protest journey calling for a new protected area by taxi after authorities stopped them in their tracks on Thursday for the second time while en route to Phnom Penh.

As Workers Block Road, Industry Groups Ask EU to Delay EBA Pullout

Local industry groups have asked the E.U. to postpone the partial withdrawal of Cambodia’s tariff-free access to the European bloc for a year to allow the garment sector time to recover from the ongoing pandemic-spurred economic crisis.

Hun Sen Vows to Arrest Economic Subversives, Three From CNRP Jailed

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Monday warned that those stirring up social unrest by calling for borrowers not to repay their debts, apparently alluding to opposition CNRP figure Sam Rainsy and his supporters, would be arrested — the same day a CNRP member was jailed.

140 Ex-Great Duke Workers Receive Payouts From Source Left Unsaid

Nearly all of the former employees of the closed Great Duke Hotel in Phnom Penh have received owed compensation distributed by the Labor Ministry as of Monday, but an official declined to clarify the source of the payouts.

World Bank Projects Negative Growth in Cambodia, a First Since 1994

Cambodia could see negative growth this year — for the first time since 1994 — due to the pandemic-spurred economic crisis, the World Bank projected on Friday, estimating even more severe hits to the nation’s key industries than it did two months ago.

Poipet Union Leader Says Security Forces Deployed as a Threat

The leader of an informal workers’ union in Poipet City said excessive security forces were deployed throughout the city as a “threat” after his request to hold a demonstration over border crossing restrictions next week was denied.

Cambodians Allowed to Return Home Without Covid-19-Free Certificates

Cambodian citizens will be allowed to enter the country without a health certificate declaring them free of Covid-19, which is required for arriving foreign nationals, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced on Wednesday.

After Woman Dies in State Custody, Family Seeks Answers, Money Back

The family of a jailed woman who died while in state custody in Ratanakiri is seeking answers about her cause of death and alleging foul play, while officials say she fell in a prison bathroom and died of a stroke or heart attack.

‘Very Drunk’ Traffic Police Chief Fired, Not Fined

A police officer has been removed from his position as Kampong Thom traffic police chief after allegedly driving drunk and crashing his vehicle earlier this month, but has not been fined for the apparent traffic violation, a police official said on Monday.

Awaiting Payouts, Fired Garment Workers Keep Watch Outside Factory

When Sour Socheat settles in for the night under a tent in Takhmao City, she knows she will not sleep.

Certify No Covid-19 Before Trip Home, Embassy in Malaysia Tells Citizens

The Cambodian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur has told Cambodian citizens in Malaysia, including 143 people who have been trying to return home since last month, to attain documents certifying they are free of Covid-19 if they wish to be allowed back in the country. But some say they cannot afford to pay for the health reports.

Ex-Great Duke Workers Continue Monthslong Protest for Settlement Pay

Former employees of the shuttered Great Duke Hotel again protested in front of the building on Thursday, calling for awarded compensation from the Phnom Penh hotel’s owner or legal action from the Labor Ministry.

Justice Unlikely in Kem Ley T-Shirt Trial, Activist Kung Raiya Says

Dissident Kung Raiya, who faces up to four years in prison on charges related to his printing of T-shirts with murdered political analyst Kem Ley’s image and words, said he does not expect justice when the court’s verdict is announced next month.

Government Lifts Covid-19 Travel Ban on Six Nations, Reopens Museums

The government on Wednesday lifted a ban on travelers arriving from six countries, four days after the Health Ministry said the last remaining Covid-19 patient of Cambodia’s 122 confirmed cases had recovered from the virus.

Corruption Not to Blame for Court Backlog, Justice Minister Says

Justice Minister Keut Rith on Monday said anti-corruption measures were a key part of a plan to reduce the criminal case backlog at the courts, but also said corruption was not the cause of the current case pileup.