Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Phnom Penh Begins Purge of On-Street Parking

City Hall’s effort to clean up Phnom Penh’s cluttered streets is now targeting vehicles parked for sale along roads, with sellers given one week to move cars lining the narrow perimeter around the former Freedom Park.

City Hall Approves Seven New Bus Lines Throughout City, SEZ

City Hall has finalized plans for seven new bus lines across Phnom Penh’s fledgling bus service, according to a spokesman.

Gov’t Finishes Probe Into NGO Hun Sen Ordered Closed

Authorities have finished their investigation of an anti-sex trafficking NGO Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered closed earlier this month for what he called an “unforgivable” insult, and the group has apologized if it caused offense, an Interior Ministry official said on Thursday.

Taxi Driver Charged, Connected to Drug Ring

A taxi driver was being held in Phnom Penh’s Prey Sar prison on Thursday after being charged on Wednesday for his alleged role in transporting 54 kg of heroin and methamphetamine, confiscated during a police crackdown on a suspected trafficking ring in May, an official said.

Government Rebuts Political Motive for Tax Investigations

An Economy and Finance Ministry spokesman denied any political motive for investigating NGOs and media outlets over tax payments on Tuesday, saying private enterprises were also under scrutiny.

NEC Drops Regulation After NGOs Complain

The National Election Committee (NEC) confirmed on Tuesday that it removed a clause from new voting regulations after NGOs expressed concern that it could limit their ability to monitor voter registration.

US Sex Offender Charged With Rape of Cambodian Child

A U.S. sex offender who was to be extradited from Cambodia will remain to stand trial after being accused of raping a 5-year-old girl, officials said on Monday.

RFA, VOA Under Scrutiny Amid Tax Investigations

Two U.S.-funded radio broadcasters joined The Cambodia Daily and NGOs in what appeared to be a broadening and increasingly public Finance Ministry investigation into tax payments by institutions known for tense relationships with the government.

Thai Surrogate’s Child Among Those Requiring Formal Exit

The first draft of a law on surrogacy has now been completed by the Women’s Affairs Ministry, and at least seven foreign intended parents have applied to formally take their babies born through Cambodian surrogates home, a ministry official said.

PM to Hold Weekly Meetings With Workers

Prime Minister Hun Sen will start hosting weekly meetings with garment workers across the country later this month in what some see as a calculated political move to shore up support among a key demographic ahead of next year’s national election.

Mob Beats Man as Kidnapping Fears Continue

Amid online rumors of children being abducted to harvest their organs, a mob in Prey Veng province attacked a man on Thursday after he pretended to kidnap a child and threatened to cut out his kidney, police said.

NEC Declines to Push Law for Overseas Voter Registration

The National Election Committee (NEC) will not be requesting an amendment to the election law to allow overseas voter registration or voting, the body’s chairman said on Thursday, a decision criticized by election and labor rights groups.

Takeo Man Charged for Facebook Post About Child Kidnapping

A man in Takeo province was charged with incitement and spreading false information after he posted on Facebook that two Vietnamese men had chased his wife’s niece, a story the 14-year-old girl and her family denied, a provincial court spokesman said

Wife Detained for Acid Attack Against Husband

An abused wife is in police detention after splashing acid on her husband during a fight, causing severe burns, a police official said.

Kidnapping Rumors Prompt Second Arrest, Reprimand From PM

Prime Minister Hun Sen made an appeal to Facebook users to “not create problems” as nationwide child-snatching hysteria led to another arrest on Tuesday, this of a man whom Takeo provincial police had earlier questioned for allegedly posting that Vietnamese men were attempting to kidnap a child.

Anti-Drug Authority Asks Courts to Speed Up Drug Prosecutions

Anti-drug authority officials on Tuesday said they were seeking legal means to speed up court procedures and liquidate the seized assets of suspected drug traffickers before they are convicted to help fund the government’s ongoing efforts to combat drugs.

Police: Group Behind Organ-Snatching Rumors

An unidentified group is masterminding the spread of false rumors of kidney-harvesting kidnappers targeting children, the National Police said on Monday in an attempt to quench Facebook-fueled hysteria pitting violent mobs against suspects and

From Drug Hell to Redemption: an Artist’s Addiction Journey

The title of the latest exhibition by artist Nget Chanpenh, “Waiting for the Ice Melt,” only hints at what it might depict.

Kidnapping Rumors Fuel Fears, Mob Beating

Amid recurring rumors of children being kidnapped across the country to have their kidneys harvested and trafficked, a mob of 1,000 people in Kompong Thom province on Saturday allegedly beat up two men wrongly suspected of the crime before proceeding to trash a commune police station, officials said.

Child Sex Offender Arrested in Cambodia Will Be Deported to US

A U.S. registered sex offender who was convicted for child abuse in 2002 and served prison time in his home country was arrested by Cambodian police on Friday in Battambang province and will be deported to the U.S., officials said on Sunday.