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Jarai Prisoners Killed for Lack of Space, Guards

A former Khmer Rouge official in charge of recording interrogations at Au Kanseng Security Center in Ratanakkiri province took the stand at the Khmer Rouge tribunal on Monday, telling the court how a regime official had ordered prison officials to “resolve” a lack of space at the facility by killing dozens of inmates.

US Army Looks to Store Field Hospital in Cambodia

The U.S. Army is looking to store a mobile emergency field hospital in Cambodia to be used in the case of a regional disaster, a defense industry news website reported last week.

Japan to Donate $30M to Repair Friendship Bridge

The Japanese Friendship Bridge in Phnom Penh is set to receive a $29.4 million renovation courtesy of the Japanese government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Wednesday.

Stricter Enforcement of New Traffic Law Will Begin Today

After focusing their efforts on educating drivers about the traffic law for the past two and a half months, police will today begin strict enforcement of the new rules, imposing fines and punishments on offending motorists, the National Road Safety Committee announced on Friday.

Ex-KR Official Tells Tribunal of Events Leading up to Arrest

A former mid-level Khmer Rouge official from Mondolkiri province described the chain of events that led from his joining the regime in 1968 to being detained for a month in 1977, during testimony on Friday at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia.

Witness Tells of Gunfight Between KR Leaders

When the two most senior Khmer Rouge officials in Mondolkiri province failed to return home after being summoned to Phnom Penh in 1977, chaos broke out as relatives of one of the officials were swiftly arrested, a witness told the Khmer Rouge tribunal Thursday.

Hun Sen Bodyguard Testifies at KR Tribunal

A bodyguard for Prime Minister Hun Sen told the Khmer Rouge tribunal Wednesday about his role in the armed resistance against the Khmer Rouge in late 1978, on the eve of Vietnam launching an invasion and toppling Pol Pot’s regime.

Survivor Defends Inconsistent Testimony About KR Prison

A woman who was detained at the Au Kanseng Security Center in Ratanakkiri province during the Pol Pot regime continued testifying at the Khmer Rouge tribunal Monday morning, answering questions from defense lawyers about inconsistencies in her description of conditions at the prison.

Women Spared Torture in KR Prison: Witness

The second witness to testify before the Khmer Rouge tribunal about conditions at the Au Kaseng Security Center told the court Thursday she could see the physical effects of torture on men leaving the center’s interrogation room.

Tribunal Hears Testimony of Security Centers, Internal Purges

The Khmer Rouge tribunal on Wednesday began a new phase of hearings in Case 002/02 focusing on security centers and internal purges, with a witness telling the court that he saw the remains of what he believed to be more than 100 murdered Jarai people at the Au Kanseng Security Center in Ratanakkiri province in 1977.

Fishermen in Thai Rape Case to Get Lawyer

Foreign Affairs Minister Hor Namhong has ordered the Cambodian Embassy in Bangkok to provide a lawyer for five Cambodian fishermen arrested for attacking four French tourists—and raping a mother and daughter among them—on the Thai island of Koh Kut on Saturday night.

Ambassador Visits Scene of Rape on Thai Island

Cambodia’s ambassador to Thailand flew to Koh Kut island on Monday to investigate the rape of two French tourists by Cambodian fisherman and is expected to deliver a full report to the Foreign Affairs Ministry today, according to a ministry official.

US Museum Returns Stolen Rama Statue

A 10th century stone carving of the Hindu deity Rama, the last remaining statue from the Koh Ker temple complex that had been on public display outside Cambodia, was returned to Phnom Penh last week, officials confirmed on Sunday.

Sailors Arrested for Rape, Attack of French Tourists

Five Cambodian fishermen were arrested on Sunday in Thailand for beating four French tourists and raping the two female members in the group on Saturday evening, the Associated Press (AP) reported on Sunday.

Cambodia Wants Two Warships From China, Admiral Says

Cambodia’s modest navy is ap­parently a point of sensitivity for its commander, who on Wednesday said he would seek to acquire two warships from China to prevent neigh­boring countries from “looking down” on his fleet.

Samphan Maintains Innocence As Appeal Hearings Conclude

Concluding the three-day ap­peal hearing in the first phrase of Case 002 at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cam­bodia, Khieu Samphan denied bearing any re­sponsibility for the suffering that occurred during the Khmer Rouge regime, for which he served as head of state.

Khmer Rouge Tribunal Defense Claims Samphan Lacked ‘Criminal Intent’

During the second full day of appeal hearings in the first phase of Case 002 at the Khmer Rouge tribunal on Wednesday, the defense team for Khieu Samphan, the re­gime’s head of state, said judges had bent the rules of international law in order to justify the conviction of their client for crimes against humanity.

Appeal Hearings Get Underway at Khmer Rouge Tribunal

With appeal proceedings finally get­ting underway at the Khmer Rouge tribunal on Tuesday, prosecutors rejected claims from the de­fense teams for Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan that their clients had been at the center of a show trial meant only to find them guilty.

Khmer Rouge Tribunal Investigating Judges Order Case 004 Split

The Khmer Rouge tribunal on Monday announced it had split the government-opposed Case 004 in­to separate files, creating a new case for proceedings against Im Chaem, a former district chief dur­ing the Pol Pot regime.

Access to Justice for Nation’s Children Among World’s Worst

A report released today by glo­bal advocacy group Child Rights In­­­­ternational Network (CRIN) ranked Cambodia 166 out of 197 coun­tries for the effectiveness of its courts in protecting children.