Monday, May 17, 2021
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American Pedophile Gets 10 Years for Abusing Six Girls

An American man was sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Tuesday for sexually abusing at least six young girls last year.

Cause of High Anemia Rate Among Women Still a Mystery

The astonishingly high rate of anemia among adult women in Cambodia has for years been a major health concern, but the main cause of the problem—long believed to be iron deficiency—is still a mystery, according to a study released last week.

Adoption Agreement Signed—With Catalonia

Seven years after Cambodia put a stop to its own international adoption programs, the Catalan regional government in Spain signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Social Affairs on Tuesday that will allow its residents to adopt Cambodian children.

Conservation NGO Blamed for Death of Endangered Crocodile

An environmental group has been accused of complicity in the decline of the critically endangered Siamese crocodile in Koh Kong province’s Areng Valley, mainly due to traps that are believed to have killed the last breeding-age female in the area.

Murdered Toddler Found Facedown in Pond

The body of a toddler was found facedown in a pond on the outskirts of Phnom Penh on Friday morning in a suspected murder case, according to officials.

Third Case of Measles Traced to Same Area as Last Two

The third case of measles in Cambodia this year was confirmed in a statement released by national and international health officials on Thursday—just over a year after the World Health Organization announced that the viral disease had been eradicated in the country.

PM Deems Drought Relief Efforts A Success

With rain finally starting to fall across the country, Prime Minister Hun Sen on Wednesday declared an end to the relief campaign he launched last month to counter the worst drought in decades, calling the devastating dry spell an opportunity for “lessons” in governance.

Government Backtracks on Private Clinic Crackdown

After revoking the operating license of a large private medical clinic in Phnom Penh on Monday following the sudden death of a man with back pain, the Ministry of Health on Tuesday appeared to change its mind, instead opening an investigation that could see the clinic reopened.

Private Clinic Shuttered After Man’s Death

The Ministry of Health ordered the closure of a large private medical clinic in Phnom Penh’s Tuol Kok district on Monday, one day after the sudden death of a man who received treatment there, according to a government statement and the man’s wife.

Amid Drought, Diarrhea Poses Severe Threat

Diminished access to clean drinking water and basic hygiene—such as handwashing—make diarrhea a central health concern of Cambodia's ongoing drought.

Coming Monsoon to Offer Relief Amid Record Drought

The first monsoon of the season is expected to sweep across Cambodia this week with the rainy season beginning soon after, bringing some relief amid the worst drought in decades, the government said over the weekend.

Government Rolls Out Ambitious Plan to Eliminate Hunger

Backed by the U.N., Cambodia on Wednesday launched a national action plan to completely eliminate hunger in the country by 2025, the first step in an ambitious initiative that the government signed on to last year.

Government Takes Over Multilingual School Program

The government launched a national plan for multilingual education in primary schools on Tuesday in an attempt to better integrate ethnic minorities into the public education system, taking over a program started by two children’s organizations.

Snack Tailored to Prevent Malnutrition

After years of research and testing, a nutritional snack meant to halt rampant malnourishment and stunting among Cambodian children has been developed in the form of a fish paste-filled wafer, which will be released on the market by 2017.

Sports, Fitness Curriculum Planned for Junior High

The government this week agreed to partner with an NGO to create a new national physical edu­cation curriculum for junior high schools, the education minister said on Friday.

Cambodia Ease of Business Is Improving, But More Needed

Government reforms have made doing business in Cambodia easier over the past year, according to an annual World Bank report released Wednesday, a contrast to previous years in which doing business in the country has become increasingly complicated compared to other countries.

Grade 5 Testing Aims to Cut Learning Gaps

Cambodia will join three other regional countries in carrying out standardized testing for grade five students as part of a pilot program that aims to improve primary school education in Asean, officials said this week.

Researcher Recognized for HIV, TB Contribution

A Cambodian medical research­er has received international rec­ognition for a presentation on de­velopments in the treatment of pa­tients infected with both HIV and tuberculosis at a conference in France last week.

Program Builds Mobile App Skills for Cambodian Coders

After graduating from Setec Institute in Phnom Penh in 2014 with a degree in information technology, Chhit Chanmony, 23, is confident in her ability to build a website using various scripts.

New Employment Policy to Promote High-Skill Jobs

The government launched a new 10-year labor policy Thursday aiming to shift the country’s economy away from its reliance on labor-intensive work to focus on creating higher-quality job opportunities.