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Voter Voices: Heng Sou Chheng, 63

I have been a village chief for 15 years. I am satisfied with the current [CPP] authorities, but there are some things I’m not happy with. I’m not happy with authorities not helping the citizens to get ID cards and documents

Let Workers Return Home for Elections: Unions

Two of the country’s biggest garment workers’ unions have asked the government to make factories give their workers three days of paid leave and provide loans for travel expenses to allow them to return to their hometowns to vote in the upcoming local elections.

Voter Voices: Brak Sao, 25

I’ve been a monk for 15 years and I’ve stayed here [at this pagoda] for six years. I like the education of prayer, and I like preserving [Cambodian Buddhist] culture.

Voter Voices: Sem Sarim, 56

The current authorities are not good. The authorities are the parents of the citizens, but they never think of the children: they only think of the people who have money.

Voter Voices: Ly Monyrath, 25

If we compare the last elections to this one, it seems more complicated now. When our family went to register [to vote], we all got the voting slips at different times. Last time, it was all together.

Voter Voices: Keo Naren, 48

I just have this stall for fun. I didn’t have anything else to do. I pay more in gas getting to the market than I earn from this stall. My husband is a sculptor. Business is doing very well. He doesn’t have time to make all the orders. I am a citizen of Cambodia—if I do not go to vote, I am a citizen of nothing. This is a citizen’s job. I’m not happy with the local authorities in my commune.

Opposition Seeks to Reverse Prohibition of Election Rallies

The opposition CNRP has requested that the national election body help reverse a recent decision to ban election rallies on the capital’s major streets, a party vice president and a spokesman for the National Election Committee (NEC) said on Sunday.

Organizations Call on Gov’t to Pass Laws for LGBT Rights

Coinciding with Cambodia’s 13th annual Gay Pride Week celebrations, which begin today, a statement signed by 57 communities, organizations and businesses called on the government to legalize same-sex marriage and introduce laws to protect the LGBT community.

Baby Endangered Royal Turtles Hatch in Koh Kong Province

After being guarded for three months, nine royal turtles—an endangered species found only in Cambodia—hatched in Koh Kong province this week and were taken to a nearby conservation center, an NGO said on Wednesday.

City Hall Wants to Move Auto Shops to Outskirts

Auto repair shops storing and selling vehicle parts as well as car dealerships in central Phnom Penh may have to relocate to the outskirts of the city if a plan designed to ease traffic congestion and beautify the area floated by City Hall goes ahead.

Viral Video Claiming to Show Illegal Sand Exports Spurs Inquiry

An NGO posted video footage and photographs online on Tuesday that it claims show vessels off the coast of Sihanoukville loading up on Cambodian sand to send overseas in apparent violation of a government ban on sand exports.

Following Probe, Man Accused of Buying Sex With Underage Girls

A U.K. man has been arrested on suspicion of purchasing child prostitution after anti-human trafficking police raided his apartment in Phnom Penh’s Chamkar Mon district on Thursday afternoon, according to police and a child protection NGO.

Adhoc 5 Selected As Finalists for International Rights Award

The Adhoc 5 have been collectively selected as a finalist for the Martin Ennals Award, an annual prize for human rights activists also known as the Nobel Prize for human rights.

Scrutiny Turns to Child Abusers Among Clergy

Up to seven foreign clergymen are serving time in Cambodian prisons for child sex crimes, according to the executive director of a child protection NGO, a situation highlighted by the arrest of a Dutch priest who was charged last week with producing child pornography.

Catholic Church Knew Of Alleged Child Abuser

A Dutch priest who was arrested in Siem Reap City last week after allegedly taking more than 1,000 photographs of naked boys had told a bishop in his home country about his “sexual preference for underage boys,” church representatives said on Sunday.

Alleged Semen Smuggler Had Visited Cambodia

A man arrested by Thai border police for allegedly trying to smuggle human semen into Laos on Thursday had made several trips to Cambodia over the past year, regional media reported over the weekend.

Social Affairs Ministry Says 38% of Orphanages Were Unregistered

Heightening the risk of neglect, abuse and child trafficking, nearly 40 percent of the country’s orphanages remain unregistered despite a comprehensive mapping exercise carried out last year, according to a report released on Thursday in Phnom Penh.

Up to 4,000 Cambodians Working Illegally in South Korea: Envoy

Between 3,000 and 4,000 Cambodians are currently residing in South Korea illegally after their employment contracts or visas expired, leaving many of them vulnerable to exploitation by employers, Long Dimanche, Cambodia’s ambassador to South Korea, said on Wednesday.

‘Pitied’ Factory Owner Expects No Penalties

A woman speaking for the owners of an unregistered Phnom Penh garment factory where two workers died in an explosion on Saturday said on Wednesday that she had tried to bribe officials who turned up to investigate with money, but they only accepted boxes of soy sauce.

Audit Gives Thumbs-Up To Voter List; Doubts Linger

Rectifying one of the greatest sources of outrage and discontent surrounding previous elections, the voter list compiled for upcoming commune elections has passed an audit with flying colors, though commentators remain skeptical as to whether the country will actually witness free and fair elections on June 4.