Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Cham Rescue Diver Dies, Spent Decades Saving Countless Lives

After spending nearly 45 years rescuing countless people from the Tonle Sap river in Phnom Penh and recovering the bodies of those he couldn’t get to fast enough, Sary Romal, 63, died in his sleep on Thursday.

Cambodia-Born US Politician Joins Prison Protest

Three weeks after becoming the first Cambodian-American legislator in the U.S., Rady Mom joined hundreds of protesters in Phnom Penh on Sunday to demand the release of 17 imprisoned activists, opposition figures and monks from Prey Sar prison.

Fishermen Home After Ordeal on Thai Boat

Twenty Cambodian fishermen were repatriated Wednesday after recovering in Indonesia, where they were rescued from a Thai trawler they were forced to work on, according to statements from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Veterans Seek US Recognition of War Role

A group of Cambodian-American war veterans will convene in Washington on Monday and Tuesday to push for congressional approval of a resolution that would for the first time recognize the role Cambodian soldiers played in the Second Indochina War.

Man Kidnapped in Thailand Released in Cambodia

A Cambodian-Chinese citizen was reportedly kidnapped on November 10 in Bangkok before being smuggled into Cambodia and released here on Friday, Thai media reported over the weekend.

Australian Court Upholds Smuggler’s Sentence

An Australian court on Monday upheld the 14-year prison sentence of a Cambodian-Australian man who was arrested two years ago for smuggling millions of dollars’ worth of heroin from Cambodia to Australia, while police said the suspected ringleader remains free in Cambodia.

Captain Looks to Steer New Radio Station to Top

Wearing his trademark naval captain’s hat while sitting inside his radio studio on Phnom Penh’s Chroy Changva peninsula, Tikei Pere said the aim of his newly launched Radio One FM103.7 was simple.

Minister Calls Fatal Fireworks Blast ‘Not a Big Deal’

Defense Minister Tea Banh on Sunday said a fireworks explosion that killed one man and injured seven more last week was “not a big deal,” while pyrotechnics experts said the incident could have easily been prevented with proper safety precautions.

After Budget Released, Opposition Blasts Process

With the release of the government’s 2015 draft national budget Thursday, the opposition CNRP, whose 55 lawmakers joined the National Assembly in August, called Cambodia’s budget-drafting process “disgusting and unbelievable” on Friday.

Investors Fault Power Costs, Weak SEZs in Report

High electricity costs are the main impediment to doing business in Cambodia, according to a new report that also finds many investors disappointed with the country’s special economic zones.

Two Ministries Anticipate Budget Increase

The ministers of education and health said Monday they expect an 18 and 15 percent increase to their ministries’ budgets, respectively, in the draft 2015 national budget signed by Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday.

Cigarette Smuggling Into Vietnam on the Rise

The smuggling of illegal cigarettes from Cambodia into Vietnam is on the rise, according to recent Vietnamese media reports, which names one of the most-smuggled brands as Hero—distributed in Cambodia by prominent CPP lawmaker Ly Yong Phat.

New National Study Reveals Vast Extent of Child Abuse

More than half of all Cambodians under the age of 18 have been the victim of physical violence at least once, while more than 6 percent of females and 5 percent of males reported being sexually abused as children, according to a new study released Wednesday.

Nest Farmers Hatch Ambitious China Export Plan

The Cambodian Bird’s Nest Federation is planning to export locally harvested swiftlet nests to China starting next year, but not all nest farmers are optimistic about the scheme.

Somaly Mam Foundation Closes Down

Months after announcing the resignation of its founder and promising to start afresh to continue its “vital work” protecting vulnerable girls in Cambodia, the U.S.-based Somaly Mam Foundation announced Saturday that it has ceased operations, telling supporters to turn to other organizations to help the fight against sex trafficking and slavery.

Cambodian River Sand Turns Up in India—Again

Nearly 80,000 tons of Cambodian river sand has been sitting at a seaport in India for nearly two months, the second haul to turn up there in two years, despite a 2009 ban on the export of river sand handed down by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Fortified Rice Improves Children’s Health, Study Finds

Cambodian children are less prone to diarrhea and fever and perform better on cognitive tests after regularly eating nutrient-fortified rice, according to a new study, the results of which were announced Tuesday.

Khmer Krom Leader Files Complaint Over Threats

The organizer of last week’s protests against the Vietnamese Embassy filed a complaint Friday with the Ministry of Interior over death threats he says he received over the course of the demonstrations.

Kampuchea Krom Protests End Amid Threats

As five days of anti-Vietnamese protests came to a close Wednesday, one of the leaders of the rallies, which saw multiple Vietnamese flags burned in front of the Vietnamese Embassy, said that he had received multiple death threats.

‘Ruling Elite’ Accused of Crimes Against Humanity

A U.K.-based lawyer filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court on Tuesday, accusing leaders of Cambodia’s government of crimes against humanity for the systematic eviction of more than 700,000 people from their homes over the past 14 years.