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We Want Your Business, UN Tells Local Firms

The $1.6-billion Untac mission of the early 1990s injected a huge amount of money into Cambodia’s economy. Now, the U.N. wants to pump millions more into the country—this time by buying up the offerings of local businesses.

Rapist Sent Home After Serving Half of 20-Year Term

A New Zealander who was granted a royal pardon last month was deported on Monday after serving just 11 years of a 20-year sentence for raping five teenage girls he had employed as housekeepers, an official said Tuesday.

More Montagnards Arrive in Phnom Penh

Eleven more Montagnard asylum seekers arrived in Phnom Penh this week, bringing to 85 the number waiting to apply for refugee status, the U.N. said Tuesday.

Before His Death, Canadian Man Insulted Hun Sen

Shortly before a Cambodian-Canadian man was apparently stabbed to death at an airport in Laos, he told his family that he feared for his life after slighting Prime Minister Hun Sen, Canadian media reported Saturday.

Ten Indonesians Return Home After Ambassador’s Intervention

Following the intervention of Indonesia’s ambassador to Cambodia last week, 10 Indonesian nationals left the country Sunday after being released by police in Kandal province, where they were being held over a $161,000 theft at a local casino, an embassy official said.

Gov’t ‘Fed Up’ With Montagnards: Spokesman

After the latest arrival of Montagnard asylum seekers to Phnom Penh brought the total to 74, the Interior Ministry’s spokesman said Thursday the government was “fed up” with Montagnards and there were no plans to allow them to apply for asylum.

Indonesia Seeks Arrest of Casino Employees

The Indonesian Embassy has demanded that police arrest employees of a casino in Kandal province who allegedly tortured three Indonesian citizens who were among 16 illegally detained after $161,000 worth of casino credit went missing, an embassy official said Tuesday.

US Man Charged With Buying Sex From Children

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Tuesday charged the former CEO of the Aero Cambodia aviation company with purchasing child prostitution, his lawyer said.

UN Drug Report Says Use of Meth on the Rise in Cambodia

The methamphetamine market in Cambodia has continued to grow, according to a U.N. report released Tuesday, but a senior anti-drug police official said the country has largely reined in the problem.

Ezecom to Build $80M Undersea Internet Cable

Internet provider Ezecom signed an agreement Monday to build an $80-million submarine cable linking Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia that it said would significantly increase Internet speeds while bringing down prices.

American Arrested for Abusing Underage Girls in Phnom Penh

Police arrested an American man Friday night in Phnom Penh after they allegedly caught him sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl in the presence of two other underage girls, an official and an NGO said Sunday.

Labor Ministry Denies Agreement to Send Workers to Qatar

A spokesman for the Labor Ministry said Thursday that Cambodia has still not finalized any agreement to send migrant workers to Qatar, but the head of a recruitment agency said the ministry had assured him he would be allowed to send about 80 workers there “as soon as possible.”

Cambodians Set to Join Qatar’s World Cup Workforce

A recruitment agency and a Qatari construction firm interviewed about 100 workers Tuesday in Phnom Penh hoping they will be among the first group of Cambodians to join hundreds of thousands of migrants working on Qatar’s highly criticized 2022 World Cup construction projects.

Indonesian Charged for Casino Theft

As police continue to search for an Indonesian man accused of stealing $161,000 from a casino in Kandal province, the provincial court Monday charged another Indonesian with breach of trust for allegedly stealing $50,000 from the same casino, police said.

Indonesian Worker Wanted Over $161K Theft at Kandal Casino

Police are seeking the arrest of an Indonesian national who allegedly stole about $161,000 from a casino in Kandal province, while 16 other Indonesian migrant workers have agreed not to leave the resort’s premises until the investigation is complete, an Indonesian Embassy official said Sunday.

Fear Remains Pervasive for Montagnard Refugees

After spending nearly six months in Phnom Penh, 13 Montagnard refugees said on Wednesday they don’t want to leave Cambodia­­—unless it is to return to Vietnam, free from oppression.

Looted Statue Officially Returned to Cambodia

Nearly five decades after a centuries-old statue of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman was looted from a temple, the Cleveland Museum of Art officially handed it over to the government Tuesday during a ceremony at the Council of Ministers.

US Museum Returns Hanuman Statue to Cambodia

A statue of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman, which was looted from the Koh Ker temple complex in Preah Vihear province, was returned to Cambodia on Sunday after spending 33 years in the possession of the Cleveland Museum of Art in the U.S.

Microsoft Hopes Apps Can Help Fight Trafficking

During an annual anti-human trafficking meeting in Phnom Penh on Tuesday, representatives from six countries—Cambodia, China, Laos, Burma, Thailand and Vietnam—credited arrests and prosecutions with being the best tools for stopping perpetrators.

Rural Notions On Children’s Feces Pose Health Risks

Nearly half of rural families believe that children’s feces are cleaner than animal or adult excrement, which could put more people at risk of contracting diarrheal disease, a common killer of children under the age of 5, according to a study released Wednesday.