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On Burlap, Em Riem Paints the Tormented Faces of Tuol Sleng

A man glares, brows furrowed in defiance, the numbers 57 and 1 pinned onto his crumpled shirt. Not far from him, a woman gazes with stoic composure, her infant cradled in her arms; her number is 462.

Exhibition Inspired by Local Folklore, Symbology

A green snake entwined around a cosmic tree billows on the wall, while on another piece of cloth, a scene from Thai folklore flutters.

In New Film, Transgender Sex Workers Battle Stigma, Poverty

Krel Pao looks in the mirror as she powders her face and puts on lipstick. Ms. Pao, 40, is a self-identified “ladyboy” and a sex worker who is battling HIV.

A Survivor’s Scars

At a seaside fish market in Kampot province, a man grabs a basket of fish, swirling it in the ocean to clean it. His hands are lined by the toils of a fisherman. His right hand, we see, is missing a knuckle.