Ads Showing Scantily Clad Cambodians Banned

In an effort to protect traditional values and the honor of Cambodian women, the Information Ministry in conjunction with the Tourism Min­istry has banned publications from including advertisements that show Cambodian men and women in skim­py attire.

“The Ministry of Information has noticed that numerous magazines and guidebooks have printed ad­vertisements of bars and karaoke par­lors that show tourists images of Cambodian men and women in skimpy dress,” said the May 16 statement received Tuesday.

“It confuses tourists into thinking that Cambodia is a target for sex tourism and affects women’s morality and honor,” the ministry added.

Yem Noy, director of the In­for­mation Ministry’s media department, said Tuesday that they are banning the ads in response to the noted proliferation of images de­picting scantily clad Cambo­dians.

“Some images of those Cam­bo­dian girls and men are so sexy and show so much chest, you can al­most see the breast,” he said.

“The ban is released to protect and improve the value of Cambo­dian women,” he said, adding that there will be “strong measures” taken against publications that refuse to heed the ban, though he declined to say what those measures would be.

Ros Sopheap, executive director for the Gender and Development Organization, said Tuesday that she thinks the ban violates people’s rights to dress as they please, but thinks it could also be a good measure to strengthen morality.

“Cambodian women are now like a tool for commercials and business companies to promote their products by showing girls in skimpy dresses,” she said.

“The ban is definitely good to improve the values of women and children…but it also affects the rights of people to wear clothes,” she said.

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