Cambodia’s Wage Earners Hit-Hard By Virus

Nine months have passed since the COVID-19 virus first emerged in Wuhan, China – and the world is still in the midst of containing the deadly outbreak. Over 28 million people across the globe have contracted the disease and more than 900,000 – inching towards a million have perished due to the deadly coronavirus.

The pandemic is not just threatening lives but has also severely affected businesses, local industries and the economy in general. Millions have lost their jobs, struggling with depression and anxiety as they are trapped in financial constraints and burden. Even Cambodia – which has reported relatively low cases of COVID-19 infections compared to other nations in the region – is feeling the pinch from the pandemic.

As of 11 September, ASEAN member state Cambodia has recorded 274 cases of the coronavirus, with zero fatalities. In fact, 273 or 99 percent of those infected have recovered, leaving only one patient currently under treatment. However, some observers believe that the number of infections in the country could be greater than officially reported.

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